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Free Training for NJLBA Members
2018 NJLBA NJ Department of Labor Grant

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Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM)

The course is structured to offer a variety of problem-solving techniques as they relate to businesses selling beverage alcohol for consumption on and off licensed premises. A TAM trained alcohol server is one who has learned to balance the responsible sale of beverage alcohol with the day-to-day service of his/her customers. As a TAM participant you receive: comprehensive, professionally administered seminar, work book to take home, personalized certification card for everyone obtaining a passing grade on the final test, official TAM certificate for participating establishments, and possible discount on insurance offered by certain companies.

Minimum of 25 students per class session.

ServSafe and ServSafe Recertification

New Jersey retail food rules (chapter 24, Sanitation in Retail Food Establishments and Food and Beverage Vending Machines) requires that if a food establishment is classified as a “Risk type 3 food establishments” there must be at least one certified food protection manager on site who is responsible for food safety operations. Through the ServSafe training program, food managers will become knowledgeable of the latest FDA Food Code and New Jersey’s food safety regulations. This comprehensive course will cover all of the required elements of safe food handling. The course will cover origins of food contamination, personal hygiene and overall employee involvement in safe food handling. Upon successful completion of the course, the managers will obtain food safety certification that is valid for five years. For those managers that have already taken the ServSafe class but need to be recertified we also have the ServSafe Recertification class available.  Servsafe is also offered in Spanish. The new mandate for all Risk 3 establishments, that takes effect in January 2015, will require one person per SHIFT to be certified in an accredited program. 

Minimum of 10 students per class session.

ABC Licensee and Management/New Business Compliance

This is an essential seminar necessary to help a licensee, manager, bartender and other staff members navigate the strict and complex rules and regulations that govern the business of operating a liquor license. The comprehensive class will explain not only where the laws came from and define what they mean, but it will also educate you how to avoid violations and teach you what to do if you receive one. The material will be presented by an experienced alcoholic beverage control defense attorney and a retired member of law enforcement. This pairing of instructors will offer diverse approaches to surviving in this highly regulated business.

Minimum of 25 students per session. 

Fake Identification Training

Individuals in this comprehensive class will learn to accurately spot fraudulent identity documents, a critical skill necessary for all licensees and their employees to assist in the prevention of underage drinking. This class is taught by Joseph Vasil former documents fraud specialist from the Motor Vehicle Commission. 

Minimum of 25 students per session. 

Challenges Facing Today's Licensees

This new innovative training program will assist the licensee in a game plan to ensure that an establishment will remain safe and violation free. This block of instruction deals the use of outside promoters and the liabilities that follow the decision to obtain outside assistance to stimulate business. Tax implications, undisclosed interest violations and disqualified employees are among the many pitfalls and infractions that are associated during these types of activities. Also addressed in this block are requirements for special events, promotions, tastings, samplings, catered affairs and charitable events. This class is taught by a former ABC Supervising State Investigator.

Minimum of 25 students per session. 



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